What we know so far about the London skyline lampshow

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The London skyline will be lit up at night on Saturday as part of the annual London Lights, a street art celebration which has become a popular event in the capital.

The city’s skyline is illuminated during the London Lights parade.

Photo: Daniel Munoz Source: News Corp Australia The London Lights Parade, known as the London Lamps, takes place in central London on Saturday night and will be the first time the city’s iconic landmarks will be illuminated.

The parade will be followed by a parade on Saturday evening, and the London City Council has confirmed it will be able to open its new pedestrianised cycle superhighway (Cycle Superhighway) at 7.30pm.

However, it has asked people to leave the streets until 8pm.

A spokesperson said the London lights parade is not a citywide event, but the London Underground, bus services and the public transport system will operate normally.

“This is not meant to be an official event, and as such, the City of London and its associated services, including Tube and bus services, are not providing services during the event,” the spokesperson said.

Cycle superhighways are normally opened at the end of the night.

“Cycle lights are a public art event which has a variety of uses including for public art, art installations, community and recreational activities and to show respect for the London environment.”

It has also been estimated that around $2 million will be spent on the lighting of the London streets, which have been under construction since October.

More than 1,500 businesses have expressed an interest in hosting the event.

It was also announced that a number of iconic buildings in the city will be lighted up for the first of the year.

The London Art Gallery will be open for viewing from 7pm on Saturday and the city council is inviting residents to submit their own artworks.

Art and design exhibitions and art exhibitions will be running throughout the night, with the city commissioning a number to display on the City Hall lawn.

Lights and lights: a night to remember at the London Museum of Modern Art (LMMMA) in London’s Hyde Park.

Photo via: Instagram/mikloszegielkiewicz The city also announced it would be closing schools on Sunday, the same day that the annual UK Day Parade will be held.

People in London will also be unable to buy tickets for the annual Pride parade, which takes place at 6pm on Sunday.

The event has become popular in recent years, with a number different bands performing at the iconic locations around the city.

While the lights are supposed to be symbolic of the city being a cosmopolitan city, there are a number who feel that the lighting is disrespectful and offensive to the city and its diverse communities.

For example, the LGBTI community in the UK has spoken out about how the lighting was a clear insult to the LGBT community.

And while the event is not sanctioned by the City, there has been a growing movement of anti-LGBTQ organisations.

On Saturday night, there were also protests across the city which were organised by local residents.

Activists have also been staging a march in support of the LGBTIQ community, which will be taking place in Hyde Park in central central London.

There are also a number other protests planned for the weekend.

If you want to watch the London Lighting Parade, be warned, the lights will not be fully lit until the night is over.

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