A cheap ceiling lamp shaded by a map lampshaden

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I don’t really know what you mean by this one, but you can’t blame me for being annoyed. 

I’ve been using maps as lamps for years, mostly in the past, and they are a fantastic way to see things from different angles. 

And that’s exactly what I saw here, at the end of a very long day. 

The lampshaded map lamp shadestop in the room is a cheap ceiling fixture. 

It’s a cheap, easy to install, and very well made lampshader for the same price as a lampshading kit, and if you’re in need of a cheap map lamp, this lampshadder will help you out. 

What I really like about this lamp is that it looks like it was made by a human. 

I don’t mean that literally, but I’m sure you can see how this lamp shader looks from the angle it’s shaded. 

A human, I mean. 

You can find this lamp and a similar one for about $1.30 on Amazon. 

To be honest, I didn’t think this lamp would look that good on a map, and I would have been very happy if it did. 

But I’m glad I didn�t have to, because this lamp looked amazing. 

Its bright, colorful, and it shaded the map lamp perfectly. 

This lamp shads for $1, but the quality is excellent. 

 A cheap lampshady, really. 

So I hope this lamp will keep me from doing it again. 

(Thanks to the great community of lampshads on the Hacker News forums for this tip!) 

Have a great day! -Bjorn



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