‘The Lamps’ are the best way to celebrate the birthdays of two Australian football icons – the ‘Woolies’ and the ‘Aussies’

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The Australian Football Hall of Fame is holding its 50th anniversary on Saturday and, to mark the occasion, we’re looking back at some of the most iconic and enduring AFL moments of the past 50 years.

Here are our favourites:The Day the AFL Changed, March 23, 1962, Richmond, Victoria (via youtube)With the AFL on the brink of being decimated by the Great Depression, and a team with only a handful of players and players barely able to play, a group of players were on their way to try and put the game back together.

In the midst of the chaos, a few lucky members of the AFL’s elite were able to escape with the best of them.

The ball was kicked to a number of players including Wayne Carey, Jack Davenport, James Lonergan, and Tom Mitchell.

The players had no idea what was about to happen.

A few hours later, the AFL would be forced to make a dramatic change, with the AFL-Pies playing on the field as the players tried to save the game.

The AFL’s players were shocked.

The AFL had changed its rules.

The game had changed.

They could play, but they couldn’t play.

The game was then changed back, but with the rules in place the AFL lost another game and, more importantly, a lot of their talent.

The players were then given another chance to get back on the pitch.

The Night the AFL Lost the Footy Game, March 24, 1962 (via YouTube)When the AFL finally played AFL in Sydney on Saturday afternoon, the game was cancelled.

The Dockers lost to the Dockers and the Western Bulldogs, the Western Demons, the Brisbane Lions, and the Adelaide Crows.

The Day that the AFL Loses the Footie Game, April 3, 1962(via YouTube, YouTube)This is the moment the game’s history became even more confusing, with an AFL team that had only just been introduced to the AFL, facing a premiership contender and a premiership contender who had just been booted from the AFL.

It’s a classic moment for the AFL to lose the game, because it’s a bit of a miracle.

The Kangaroos have just lost their premiership, and their season was ended in the first week of the season, but the AFL still had to play their next game.

It didn’t take long for the game to change again.

The Dockers, who had never been beaten in the AFL before, were the premiers of the competition.

The Crows were a bit more than a game away from their first premiership since 1964, but their win would not come for another decade.

The day that the game became even less predictableThe Day before the AFL changed its rule, April 1, 1962The AFL would later learn that the rules had changed, but not in the way the players had hoped.

They were expecting the Dockering to have a better start than they had, and to be able to make it to the next game with a chance at the premiership.

Instead, they lost by a margin of five points, a total that would go on to be the biggest of all time.

The only way to get over that hump was to win the next match.

The next day, the players were back on field for the first time since the game had been cancelled.

It was an embarrassing loss, and in the weeks and months to come, the Dockors were seen as the team to beat in the competition, even though they had lost the premier’s match.

The Year the Dockas Won the Grand Final, March 4, 1962 The Dockas would win their fourth premiership and the first since 1965, and it would be their last.

The loss came in the most painful way imaginable, when the Dockes faced a premier from another league, the Carlton Football Club.

The final score was: Carlton – 3 Dockers – 1 The Dockos won the game by 22 points, but would have a tough time going on to win it again the following year.

The Footy Show, March 5, 1962It’s been a long and tumultuous season for the Dock as well, with a number losing their premierships.

But the Dock have made it to six premiers in the past seven seasons, the longest winning streak in the history of the game.(via YouTube source FoxSports)The Dockas were always going to be one of the favourites to win that elusive grand final, and when they finally had a chance to do it, they were absolutely crushed.

The Footy show was a classic AFL episode, with one of its greatest moments being when the teams walked off the field to celebrate.

The team had played well in the opening rounds of the Grand Finals, but it would take a game



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