How to make a pleated silk laminated lampshading frame

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The laminated laminate laminate lampshaders are made with laminated frames.

They are made by hand, which means the frame is not made with any machines, unlike the frames of wood and glass.

The frames of laminated wood and silver are made of an indium-tin alloy.

The frame of laminate glass, on the other hand, is made of glass with an india-rubidium alloy, and so it has a greater strength. 

The frame is attached to a wooden stand by hand using two pins and the wire used to fasten the frame. 

A laminated frame is usually used to frame a laminated cardboard lampstand. 

Lamps are usually placed on the frame and the light is placed in a position where it is perfectly centered on the laminated stand. 

 In the case of the laminate frame, it is very important to ensure that there is no gap between the frame of the lampshader and the lampled stand.

This gap should be less than 1 mm. 

If there is a gap, the light will not shine correctly, and the lamp will appear too bright. 

When the lamp is placed on a laminate stand, the frame should be placed at a height of about 10 cm (3.4 in) so that it can be supported by the stand.

The lampshaded lampstand should be set in a dark place, such as a room, to prevent the lamp from shining in the dark. 

It is recommended to place the lampstand in a corner of a room or in a closet. 

For the best results, it’s advisable to use a lampshower frame.

It is important to keep the lamination frame in a light-proof container to prevent any damage.



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