How a designer changed the face of fashion with a $10,000 dress

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A designer at a Manhattan high-end hotel who wore a $5,000 designer dress to an art gallery last year is taking her work to the runway.

In a photo posted to Instagram on Monday, model-turned-fashion designer Anouk Gafni has a red dress with a “faux couture” label, which is similar to the “fusion” style used by a range of luxury brands such as Dolce & Lavender, which features sequins and gold buttons, and Louis Vuitton.

The dress is made with “fusions” fabrics like cotton and silk and is made of faux pearls, tulle, lace and lace trim, according to the Instagram caption.

“It is a dress that is made to look luxurious,” Gafnais Instagram caption read.

“The fabric is made from high-quality synthetic fabric.

The tulle is made in France.

The lace is made by hand in Italy.”

Gafni told the Associated Press she got the idea for the dress after seeing the fashion house collection of the French fashion house, Le Canard Encore, on a New York City street.

“I was inspired by the way it looked, how it felt and how it looked like a dress,” she said.

“I was thinking about how it could look like the world’s most beautiful, luxury piece of couture.”

Gfnais gown was a part of a collection called “The Real Estate Collection.”

She has made a number of fashion and art pieces for the brand, including one of a gold-leaf bouquet on the dress, which was inspired from a photo by the designer of a rose with a floral print.

Gafnai told the AP she is excited to see what she can make from the designer’s creations.

“The designer’s passion and passion for art is so real, and I love it when he does something creative,” she told the magazine.

“He’s so talented.

He’s a very creative person.”



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