U.S. government may seek legal recourse over cluster lampshades

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The U.N. Security Council on Friday called on countries to stop the sale of cluster lamps, a product widely used to illuminate public spaces.

The Security Council called on states to end their use of cluster lighting.

The council also called for a moratorium on the use of other lamps that emit toxic fumes and can cause serious health and environmental problems.

Cluster lamp, a fixture for illumination, may emit toxic gas, and the Council said that countries should not be allowed to market such lamps.

The Council said it also wants to encourage companies to produce safe alternatives to cluster lamps.

The council called on governments to prohibit the sale and sale of other products that emit harmful fumes.

The Council also called on businesses to ensure that the use and sale to public places is carried out in accordance with international standards and to stop using other lamps which emit toxic gases.

In its report, the council called for the use or sale of safe, non-toxic, noncombustible, nonflammable and noncombusting lamps that do not emit toxic chemicals, which can cause severe health and/or environmental problems, and called for countries to adopt a ban on the sale or use of such lamps and to refrain from any use of these products that could endanger the environment.

More from GlobalPost:The council also said that governments should work with companies to create safe, environmentally friendly products that are both safe and environmentally responsible, and that countries need to stop their own use of the products and start using them in accordance.



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