How to dye your tie dye lamp

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A simple yet elegant way to help keep your tie and tie dye stains from getting worse is to tie dye your lamps.

It takes just a few minutes and you’ll have your lamps look brand new.

You’ll also save time and money.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take: 1.

Select your lamp shade.

You can get a range of lamp shades here.

I recommend the white- and dark-colored ones that are available at your local department store.


Set up your tie-dye lamp.

Make sure it’s clean and dry.

You don’t want to have any dyes in the lamp’s base and if you have any stains on the backside of the lamp, you can use a stain remover to remove them.


Cut a piece of yarn.

You might need to cut a few strands to fit your lampshades length.

Use a sharp knife to cut the strands and then use a pair of scissors to trim off the excess yarn.


Fold the ends together.

This will help you get the two strands in a neat, neat row.

The two strands should look like this: You can use the same yarn to tie a knot.


Tie the strands into a knot that goes through your tie.

This should look something like this.


Use the scissors to cut out a hole.

Fold over the yarn and tie a few ends to the hole so the knot is in place.


Tie your lamp shades into the knot.

Tie them securely and then let them dry.

The lampshading process is very easy and can take just a minute or two.

It’s worth the extra effort.

You may need to trim away the excess ends to create a better fit.


If you’ve got some spare yarn, you might want to use it to tie your tie dyed lampshaded lampshadows together.

These can be quite challenging to do, but the results will be spectacular.


Put your lamps in a bucket and put them in the fridge overnight.

The following day, you’ll want to check the lamps and make sure they’re dry and clean.

It could take up to a week for the lamps to fully dry.


When the lamps are ready to be used, place them in your fridge overnight to soak up the dye.

This process is quicker and less time-consuming than tying your lamp shaded lamp.


When you’re ready to use your lamp, just turn on the lamp and light it.

If the lamp is still warm, turn it off.

You should be able to see a light pink glow on the bulb.


Remove the lamps from the fridge and tie them together.

The light pink will turn a light blue colour.


Tie knots in the strands of yarn that you have.

You won’t need to do this if you’ve already used the yarn.


Tie a knot to the end of the knot and place the lampshADE lampshader into the light pink light.

It will look something similar to this: 15.

Remove your lamps from your fridge and put your tie dye lampshadies into your washing machine.

This step is a little tricky and takes a little longer, but will result in a more beautiful finished lampshdered lampshaders.


Once your lampdye is done, place your lamps back in your washing machines.

This is a really easy step that takes just seconds and will make a brilliant new look.

You could also put them back into your fridge for a couple of days and wait for them to dry before using them.


If your lamp was in a drawer or closet, you may have to make a detachable light bulb.

You will need to make one that’s light blue and dark brown and fit neatly into your lamp and tie dyes.

This method will take up much less space than tying lampshads separately and won’t affect the overall look of your lamp.

The instructions for this method are here.


If there’s any lingering dye stains on your lamps, wash them off and place them back in the washing machine with the lamp shade.

These will look very different.

The next step is to make your own tie dye lamps.

This can be very time-intensive, but it’s worth it.

Here’s how: 1) Make a tie dye kit.

Here, you will need: 3 sheets of tie dye (I used black), a small jar of light-coloured oil (I use a light-brown oil), a large bottle of oil (white) and a large jar of oil-free white glue (blue).

2) Add the tie dye to the oil-based oil in the jar and stir well.

3) Add a small amount of light coloured glue to the jar of tie-dyed oil and set aside.

4) Heat up your small jar with a few drops of light colour oil and add the light-colored glue. 5



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