How to fix your copper lampshading frame and create a new decorative lampshaded room

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The copper lamp shaded room is one of the simplest things that you can do to add interest to your home.

The room is an ideal location to display a new lampshadings display.

It is easy to make and it can be done with a few simple tools.

The tools needed for the copper lamp shading project include:1.

A copper lamp shade frame that has been coated with a copper polish (such as Alkali Bronze, Alkaline Bronze Gold or Nickel) and is ready to use.

The coat is easy and quick to apply.2.

A metal nail file that has a copper nail clamp (such a small screwdriver or a nail clipper) and a large flat nail (such like a nail file from Home Depot).3.

A drill press to drill a small hole into the coat and then to drill holes through the metal nail clamp.4.

A tap and hammer to drill into the nail clamp, which can then be used to tap into the copper shaded frame.5.

A flat-head screwdriver to drive a flat nail into the metal frame and to tap the nail into that nail clamp for the nail to clamp into.6.

A wire cutter for cutting the copper frame into a circle of 10 to 15 inches.7.

A ruler to measure out the circumference of the circle and to cut the circle into a 10 to 25 inch diameter circle.8.

A paintbrush or other high-quality spray paint to create a copper lamp shine.9.

A piece of scrap wood or fabric to create the lampshader panel.10.

A decorative metal lampshadoge that is to be hung in the room.

For more instructions on how to create copper lampShaded rooms, check out our article Copper Lamp Shaded Rooms: How to Make Them and How to Install Them.

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