Lotus lampshades spotlight on a new-look Melbourne team

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A new-looking Melbourne team, featuring a new name and number for its new home, is set to return to competition in 2017.

The new Melbourne Racing League, with Melbourne Cricket Club as the team’s corporate sponsor, will enter the AFL on Monday.

Melbourne Cricket Club chief executive, Michael Lynch, said the new team was a chance for the club to shine and that it would be an “amazing experience”.

“It’s going to be exciting to see a new team, with a new identity, get to the AFL and play its first game,” Lynch said.

Melbourne was one of seven AFL teams to join the AFL as the inaugural AFL Competition Group in 2017, with the club also being the first to join an AFL team in the AFL Premiership.”

We are a brand new club, but we have the best fans in the game and it will be an amazing experience to play in front of them and have them supporting you.”

Melbourne was one of seven AFL teams to join the AFL as the inaugural AFL Competition Group in 2017, with the club also being the first to join an AFL team in the AFL Premiership.

Melbournians, who have watched the new Melbourne team play against its rivals at the Adelaide Oval, are excited to see the new name come into the AFL.

“It is exciting to know that our club has now been given a new and different identity,” said Melbourne Cricket club CEO Michael Lynch.

“Our club’s history is based around being a grassroots club and now the opportunity to get our name on a Melbourne team is a great opportunity to grow our community and grow our sport.”

The new team will be made up of seven players from different states and territories, including five from Tasmania.

Lynch said the team would have an all-Australian line-up, but was looking to develop into a full-time team.

“We will start with a mix of younger players from across the country and we want to see that grow and develop,” Lynch told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“That will be our challenge, as well, to get people to understand the game, to understand how it works and to understand why it works so well.”

Lynk said the club’s new team would not be making a return to the Victorian Cup, but would be competing against its local competition.

“They will be competing in the Victorian Championship,” he said.

Melburs will play its inaugural match against the Carlton Renegades on March 18, before playing the Adelaide Crows in round four of the competition.

Melvin was the original home of Melbourne Cricket in 2017 when it was renamed the Melbourne Cricket Association, with its logo changed to a sunburst and its home name switched from Melbourne Cricket to Melbourne Cricket Victoria.

Its team logo changed from a sun-burst to a green sunburst on its logo in 2018.

Melton Cricket has won five state championships since its inception, and was one the first AFL clubs to play at the Melbourne Oval in 2017 before the club relocated to the Adelaide CBD.

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