How to make a diy lamp shaded hat

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I got this diy shaded lamp shirted hat made for my sister. 

This lamp shading hat is pretty fun to make, especially when you know you will use it to add some glow to your bedroom.

I had never made a lamp shade hat before, so I thought it would be fun to see if I could do something similar with my new lamp shaders. 

I wanted to make something simple that would add some fun to my bedroom. 

So, I decided to try something new and creative with the lamp shades. 

First, I needed to figure out how to make them. 

The basic shape of a lamp shade is like a candle. 

You put a light bulb in the middle of it. 

If you add a lamp, the lampshades light bulb will be shining out from the middle. 

Each lamp shade has two lights, and you put a third light in the back of the lamp shade to create the shadow. 

As you can see, I used a white lightbulb, and a blue lightbulbo. 

For the lamp, I started with a candle that was going to be placed on top of a blue candle.

I thought this would be a great base for the lamp to stand on. 

Then, I figured I would place the lamp in the center of the candle, so that it would create a shadow of the same size as the candle.

I then added two extra white light bulbs, and placed the lamp on top. 

Finally, I added the third lamp in between the two candles to create a third shadow.

You can see that it is a very simple, yet very functional lamp shade. 

It also adds a bit of a sparkle to my kitchen. 

Now that I had the basic shape, I went to work with the instructions. 

After doing some basic drawing on a white board, I then used a marker to make shapes and marks on the whiteboard. 

Once I got the shapes and markings, I cut out a shape and marked it on a piece of white paper. 

At this point, I took my pencil and I drew a circle around it.

I then traced the circle on the black board with a pencil. 

When I did this, I noticed that there were a few things I wanted to add. 

One was a dot.

I didn’t want a dot to be in the way of the other lines. 

Another was a circle.

I wanted it to be the center. 

To create this circle, I made a line in the corner of the circle. 

Next, I had to make an oval shape. 

And I had an oval shaped object. 

Using the oval shape, I drew the oval and put it into the center position. 

With the oval object, I marked it and placed it in the circle, making it a circle of the size of the oval. 

These oval shapes are really useful when I want to make things in the shape of an object.

I will show how I used the oval shapes to create two lampshaded objects. 

(I had to cut out an oval to make this photo.

I was using a pen that I didn�t have.) 

After adding these objects, I placed the other lampshading object in the light bulb socket and turned it on.

 I then took my sketchbook and I traced around the shape in the sketchbook, making a line. 

 I added the lines to the two lamp shided objects.

Finally, I was ready to go! 

I made the lamp shades by using a pattern I found online. 

Here are the shapes:



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