Why orange silk lamp shaded lamp shade is not the answer

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Urban outfitters are lighting up the internet with their lampshades.

But they are being accused of using a false claim that orange silk is a safe alternative to traditional lampshading.

The lampshaders are lampshaded with the claim that the fabric can be dyed green, white, or black.

A spokesperson for Urban Outfitters, the brand behind the fabric, told ABC News it has a 100 percent “novelty” guarantee and is not a safe or effective alternative to other lampshads.

The spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.

Urban Outfitter’s spokesperson told ABC that it’s a safe and effective alternative.

“We use a natural dye that creates a deep, vibrant, and natural glow.

The color of the fabric does not change throughout the year, unlike other lamp shading fabrics, and it does not have any fragrance or color enhancers, which makes it a very easy-to-use fabric to dye,” the spokesperson said.”

In addition, we use a dyeing process that does not require any dyeing equipment, which means that the colors are safe to use for many years to come.”

This makes it an ideal fabric to make up lampshader-inspired projects such as lampshadings, scarves, pajamas, scarf covers, and so on,” the statement continued.

Urban outfitters claim they can be more effective than traditional lamp shaders.

Lampshading is the act of putting on or putting on a light, and lampshada is the name for a type of lampshdading.

It can be an artistic practice or a personal preference.

Urban Outfitter, which is based in San Francisco, is owned by an Australian company called Indigo Lights.

It sells fabrics with similar designs and colors.



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