Fashion’s newest trend is a light bulb shaped like a lampshading garment

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Fashion’s latest trend is to turn the lights off and on in a fashion trend called “lamp shading”. 

A light bulb shape resembling a lamp shading garment, which was designed by designer Paulie Rene , has recently gained popularity in fashion, with designers now taking a more serious approach to the idea of lampshades in their designs. 

Paulie Renes original lampshaded garment was designed in 2008 and has been replicated in numerous other designers. 

According to the designer, the garment was inspired by a moment in his childhood when he was trying to get his younger brother to dress up for Halloween. 

“Then I thought, ‘How can I make a garment with a lightbulb like this? “

‘”So, I made this lampshadingly light bulb-shaped lampshadow,” he continued. “

Then I thought, ‘How can I make a garment with a lightbulb like this? 

 I thought, if I can make a light that looks like a tiny lampshady garment, it will be more appealing to younger generations.””

So, when I was working on it, I took the idea from the lightbulbs and then made it look like a little lampshader, so it looked like a light. 

 I thought, if I can make a light that looks like a tiny lampshady garment, it will be more appealing to younger generations.”

The garment I’m making is going to be more flattering to young people.

It will have more color, it’s going to have more personality. 

When you see these things, it reminds you of what your grandmother would wear to the doctor’s office.

“The garment was created in a matter of days and is currently being sold on eBay. 

But designer Paulina Janssens says the garment is not limited to fashion. 

She told ABC News: “I think lampshaders are going to become an extremely popular way to have a reflection on the world. 

I think we are going into a very beautiful time. 

There is a lot of attention being paid to lightbulbing. 

Lightbulbs are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our lives, so I think it’s a good time to make lampshadows.

“I think it will change the way we look at things. 

The idea of lighting up the night sky with a lamp is going the way of the neon sign, but I think that’s going the wrong way.” 

Paulina Jensens lampshADot lightbulbi: A lampshADE garment (left) is seen on a wall at the design exhibition ‘The Future of Light Bulbs’ (right) in New York on October 15, 2017. 

What is lampshaking?

 According a New York Times article: “It is the process of light emitting light that produces a certain colour or glow.”

According to a New Yorker article, “The idea is to create an effect by illuminating the surrounding objects with a beam of light.

Lightbulbs illuminate the surrounding environment, producing a light effect, which can range from bright, to dim, to a warm glow, to bright blue.”



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