What if you could watch a game on a TV set?

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In a bid to tackle some of the social ills plaguing modern society, Scottish football fans are now turning to technology to get involved in the game.

It’s not just football fans that are interested in watching games on TV, but anyone with a screen or laptop can now join in the festivities.

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) has launched a new app, the SFA TV Hub, which lets fans watch and share highlights from their favourite teams.

There’s a catch though, this app isn’t available to those with an internet connection.

But it’s still great for those who are keen to watch some of their favourite matches live.

This new service, which was launched by the SFS on Monday, allows fans to watch highlights of all games, with a new twist.

The service uses a smart camera attached to the television screen to capture the action, which is then then used to display on a digital screen on the TV set.

Fans can watch the highlights for free, but they’ll also get a few games to watch with their mates.

There are also two free channels, as well as a number of different games, as part of the package. 

The app is currently available to download for iOS and Android devices, with more platforms coming to the platform in the coming months.

If you have an internet-connected TV, the app will automatically download the live highlights for you to watch.

There are currently five different TV channels available for fans to choose from:  Striker – which features highlights from Scottish Championship and Scottish Premiership matches, including the winners, the top four and the quarter-finals. 

Scottish Super League – featuring highlights from all Scottish Premiership games and the top eight. 

League Two – featuring a selection of league matches, plus a selection from League One games. 

Premier League – features highlights and highlights from Premier League games, plus highlights from games played during the UEFA Champions League. 

Football League – highlights from a selection a selection of all Premier League matches. 

Celtic Football – highlights of Celtic Championship matches.

Celtic Champions League – includes highlights of Champions League games.

Scotland vs England – highlights and a selection.

The new app can also be used to watch live Premier League, Champions League and Scottish Cup matches.

For those who prefer to watch on TV with a friend, the company has added a new feature called ‘Watch Together’, which will allow you to add other people to your watch list and watch their matches live with them.

This feature will let you watch matches from the comfort of your own home, without the need for a separate television.

The new service is available for free on iOS and the SFC’s website is currently hosting a trial for a number more sports fans.

Fans are encouraged to sign up to watch a selection at a time and then send the video clips they have uploaded to the SFF. 

You can check out the SFEB’s latest news, features and deals below:



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