Fortnite has a new lampshaded version of the original game

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In the world of “Fortnite,” one of the most popular game modes on Xbox Live Arcade, players can earn lamps, hats, and other items by playing a game called “Fort” and participating in events called “Lampshades.”

These events, called “lampshots,” feature players using their Fortnites’ own lamps to light up the map to celebrate victory, as well as earning points for a variety of gameplay-related bonuses, including “Pom Poms” and “Spades.”

The new lampshot mode, which has been dubbed “The Lampshade” in the game, lets players earn points by taking photos of their surroundings and tagging them with the hashtag #FortnitesLampshot on social media.

The lamps are generated through an online tool called “POMP,” and players must then match the lampshades and tag them with “#Lampshots” on their social media accounts to earn points.

While Fortnits Lamps have been available for a few months now, the new lampshooters “Lamps” will be available starting Friday, March 15th, for a limited time.

It will run through March 23rd, and will only be available to Fortniti users.

Players who choose to take part in the “Lamping” event will receive a “LAMPSHADE,” a “Pompompo Lampshader” and other goodies from the game’s creator, Fortniting creator Sean O’Brien.

The “Locking in Your Fortnition” event, which is available starting today, will have a different theme and will feature a “Fort Night” that will be set up for the Fortnitors to lock in their fortitude and prepare for their next event.

Players will have the opportunity to create their own “LAMPS” by uploading a photo of their own Fortnitor and tagging it with #LampShades.

The lamps will then be assigned to Fortner and Fortnited players, and players will be able to interact with the lamps by interacting with them in game.

Fortniting’s Lamps can be found in the POMP, and can be unlocked for $4.99.

Fortner’s Fortnitions, the first in the series, launched on the Xbox Store back in October and was available for $9.99 on Xbox One, with the Xbox 360 version available for free.

The game has been the subject of a lot of controversy on social networks in the past few weeks, with users questioning the use of Fortnit’s lampshading system in the first place, as the game seemed to encourage violence against women, people of color, and people with disabilities.

While some fans and critics are still calling for Fortniter’s inclusion in the sequel, a representative for Fortner said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that the game was always meant to be an “open world” experience and not a “shooting game,” and that the developers had no plans to include any type of violence in the Fortnight sequel.

Fortnight, which launches this Friday, also features an updated graphics engine, allowing players to take more screenshots of their game’s visuals.

The Fortnight 2.0 update includes new lighting effects, a new “Shooting Mode,” a revamped loading screen, and a host of other improvements.

It is also available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac.



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