When Your Phone Flashes an Illegal Photo of a Woman Source Vice News

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The New York City police department has decided to not use the photo of a woman who was allegedly raped by her boyfriend, a woman whose phone flicked on a fake rape alert after a fake incident happened in which the woman was raped, but the department still wanted to share the image with the public. 

The NYPD has received dozens of complaints since January about a woman named Stephanie, who allegedly had a fake sexual encounter with a man who then allegedly raped her. 

This particular case led to an investigation by the NYPD’s sexual assault unit.

But after several officers were called in to the apartment of the man who allegedly raped Stephanie, the NYPD decided to remove the photo from the phone. 

Police Chief of Detectives Daniel Nigro told the Times that the department’s new policy was a response to the concerns of the public and to protect the public’s safety. 

“It’s important to me that we protect the integrity of the system and the safety of the community,” Nigro said. 

Nigro said that the photo was removed from the police department’s official Twitter account because it was an illegal and “disturbing” image. 

In addition, the department has been asked to stop using the photo in the departmental photo book, according to Nigro. 

There have been no official charges against the man in the alleged incident, but Nigro claimed that he did not rape Stephanie and the woman who allegedly assaulted her.

“There was no rape,” Nigrosaid. 

It was the department who removed the photo because it violated the department policy, Nigro explained.

“There was a rape in that case.

But the officer who took the photo has the right to know that the picture was taken in violation of that policy. 

On February 8, Nigrosay said the NYPD would no longer be using the image of Stephanie, as it violated its policy.

After the New York Daily News published a story in May, Nigronshay said that they will not use any more photos of the woman, as the department is trying to protect her privacy and the public from such an image.

The woman, who was identified as Stephanie, has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, claiming that she was raped by a man named Christopher Gant.

In the lawsuit, she claims that she awoke to find a man with her on top of her and that she woke up and the man began raping her.

She alleges that she then called the NYPD and that Gant, who has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and kidnapping, sexually assaulted her after she went to police.

The NYPD said in a statement to the Daily News that it had been contacted by the woman’s attorney who was working on the case, who requested that the city stop using this photo and that it would remove the image.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The department did not respond to requests for comment from VICE News.

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