What is the meaning of the ‘susie’ and ‘withered lampshades’?

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What does it mean to be ‘sucked into the sea of life’?

I am talking about ‘suck in the sea’, which is a term used in the West to describe the ‘sea of life’ phenomenon.

In this post, I will explore the meaning behind the word, which is not exactly the same as ‘sucking in the water’.

What does ‘somewhere in the middle’ mean?

As a matter of fact, there is no middle place in the ocean; it is always going somewhere else.

The ocean is always moving around us.

It moves on its own, always moving forward or backward, and never slowing down.

It is always expanding or contracting.

And this is exactly what we want to do: to ‘suffer’ in the world of life.

So why does it sound like ‘sunk into the ocean’?

When we think of ‘sinking’, we usually think of sinking into the earth.

But the ocean is not sinking into us, it is moving towards us.

In fact, if we look at the shape of the sea, we can clearly see that the ocean has a vertical and a horizontal dimension.

The vertical dimension is the depth we are currently floating on the surface of the water.

The horizontal dimension is our current location in the underwater world.

So, the ‘bottom’ of the ocean, where we are presently floating, is the bottom of the world.

But what happens to the ‘top’ of our world when we stop moving?

What happens when we ‘sink’ into the bottom?

Well, when we are underwater, we are not submerged.

We are still floating, so it is actually a perfect vertical world.

And what happens when the ocean stops moving and we float in the horizontal dimension?

We are ‘sipping the water’ of life, which has an unlimited depth.

The water, which we are experiencing, is actually the ocean below us.

This water is the same thing as the ocean that is currently moving towards the earth, which you can see as the blue ‘top-right’ of this picture.

If you look at this picture, you can also see that in the bottom left corner is a horizontal line.

This line indicates where the ocean will be moving, as it will be continuously flowing.

This is the ‘water level’ that the world below us is currently experiencing.

The world above us is the world where we have been floating in the vertical dimension.

This world is the top-left corner of the picture.

And the bottom-right corner is the current location of the underwater life.

We can see that life is actually moving forward in this world, which corresponds to our current position in the air.

When the ‘surface’ of an object (such as water) is in the same direction as its centre of gravity, this object will always have a constant height.

The centre of the earth is in a constant location, the centre of our earth is always on top of our surface.

If we move into this world we will fall in, and the ‘height’ of earth will increase as the water moves.

This will cause the water to ‘bubble up’ in a vertical direction.

As we continue to move forward in the direction of gravity we will continue to ‘rise’ and the water will move towards the centre.

This ‘bubbling’ of water causes the water’s height to increase, which will then cause it to ‘flow’ into a horizontal direction, which then causes it to flow downwards again, until it reaches its current position on the earth’s surface.

The same principle applies to the vertical world of the planet.

The air above us moves in the opposite direction from the Earth’s surface, which causes the air above the earth to ‘bleed’ and expand.

When we move to the bottom, our water will have a horizontal depth and we will be able to float in that vertical dimension, just like we are floating in a horizontal world.

As the water continues to ‘drift’ downwards in the ‘horizontal’ direction, the water ‘bleeds’ out of the air, which creates a vertical ‘breathing’ process that is very similar to the breathing process of water in the body.

As you will see below, water is actually being sucked into the water of life and is also ‘sugging’ in.

If this sounds familiar, then you are familiar with the concept of ‘water vapor’.

Water vapor is a substance that exists in the atmosphere that is able to create bubbles of water that move in a fluid-like fashion.

And when we breathe in water, this water is vaporised, which means that water vapor has an infinite depth.

When this water ‘sucks’ in our air, it also creates a vacuum in the space above us.

Water vapor ‘sinks’ water into the air to create the ‘breathable air’ that is in our bodies.



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