How lampshades can help you control the glare of the sun

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By changing your glare, you can prevent glare from blocking your view, protect your eyes and reduce eye strain.

Here are a few tips to make lampshading a breeze.1.

Change your lamps regularly, not only when they are turned off2.

Do not put them in your house during the day or when they come in contact with the ground.3.

Do NOT put them outside in the shade.4.

When you have to be outdoors, keep the shade in the front and in the middle of the house.5.

Make sure your lampshaded area is covered by a transparent covering that you can put over it.6.

Make a habit of covering your lamp with a transparent shade.7.

If you cannot reach your lamp without your hand, keep it close to you, not in front of you.8.

If the lampshaders are on the ceiling, cover the lamp with an opaque cover.9.

Do make sure that the lamp shaded area has sufficient air circulation to allow you to put out the lamp safely.10.

If a lamp is not illuminated and you can see it, it is time to switch it off.11.

Always place a lampshader in your kitchen or bathroom so that you don’t have to carry it.12.

You may not always be able to see the lamp in your room.13.

Always be sure to check the light that you are getting by using a flashlight or a headlamp.14.

If your room is dimly lit, use a dimmer lamp.15.

Always take a moment to look out the window.



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