UK cosmetics company is building a ‘light bulb lampshader’ that will change the way you look

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A UK cosmetics firm has built a “light bulb” lampshaded by the actor Harry Potter, who famously wore a lampshades hat during the first film in the Potter franchise.

The company, called Lampshades, says it’s aiming to produce a “more subtle” version of the Harry Potter-inspired light bulb lamp. 

The Lampshade company was founded in April by three men, Simon Lee, Andrew Smith and David Lebovitz.

It aims to make a “slightly less conspicuous” version, called the Lampshaded, to be sold to the UK’s cosmetics market. 

“There’s no doubt Harry Potter’s influence on our culture has been immense, so we thought it would be interesting to give a lightbulb version of his hat to the world,” Mr Lebevitz said in a statement. 

Lampshaded is expected to be in stores in March. 

Mr Lebavitz and Mr Smith started the company in 2010, and have been selling lamps since then. 

In the film series, Mr Potter wears a lamp shaded hat to save his magical world from being consumed by the Dark Lord Voldemort, who uses the power of the dark side to control the world. 

According to the company, the lampshadled version of Harry Potter will be able to light up more easily than the standard version, which is made by the company’s own team. 

Its founder, Simon Lebivitz, said: “In a way, we’re the Harry Potters of the world, so it’s about creating a product that’s really interesting and distinctive and unique.”



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