How to dress like an Olde Englishman in the Newest Year

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More than two decades after its release, this timeless look for summer will still be a fixture at every home this summer.

This year, it’s not just for summer – it’s also for the holidays, for the birthdays, for anniversaries, and for when you’ve just been asked to do something really special.

If you’re thinking about dressing as Olde Englandman, we’ve got your back.

Here are 12 practical ways to dress as Old Etonian.


The hat It’s a good idea to keep a good head of hair in the summer.

When you’re not wearing a hat, try keeping your face bare, so your hair can show through.

The result is a look that’s both stylish and looks professional.


The beard It’s not a good sign to go bald in summer if you’ve never done it before.

But if you’re looking to look as a bit more traditional, the beard will be an absolute must.

With it, you can make yourself look like a bit of an Old Etoile, without looking like a greasy Olde man.


The coat The coat is a must in summer.

It can add a sense of style, and can be worn on the beach as an accent to a more traditional style.


The shoes The boots, when worn in summer, are an essential piece of kit.

They can also be a little stylish, and even help to disguise your appearance a little more.


The hairdresser A hairdressers assistant will be there to help you with the hairstyles, and the hairstylist can help you select the right styles.


The gloves The gloves will look really nice in the heat, and if you want to go the full-on fashion route, a pair of gloves from the big box store will do the trick.


The hats A hat is essential in summer too.

This is the time when you want a hat that looks more traditional.


The scarf A scarf from the department store is a good choice, as you can have it as a summer accessory or make it a summer trend.


The belt If you want something a little bit more formal, try a belt with a button or two.

This will be a great way to wear it to the beach, when it’s time to go swimming, or to work.


The boots When you want more casual, you could also wear boots, or just a pair.

There’s nothing quite like getting into a pair to go to a summer festival, or for the baby shower.


The jacket A jacket will help you look stylish in the hot sun, and look professional on the way home from work.


The pants The pants are another important part of any outfit.

If your look is a little less formal, or you prefer to go for a casual look, you should stick to jeans and t-shirts.



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