‘Birds of a Feather’ is a special feature

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An interesting thing happens when you write a book about a certain type of lampshaded phenomenon.

One day, the book is published and people begin to talk about it.

The next, it is forgotten.

You’ve gone from being the first person to write about lampshades to being the second.

This is the process that has taken place in the case of the book, The Birds of a Drum: The History of Paper Lantern Lampshading.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten this topic.

I am still writing it, and I’ve never forgotten about it, even though I’ve written it for over two decades.

What I did forget about it was that there are some lampshaders that are so distinctive and so distinctive that they will forever remain a fixture in my consciousness.

I’ll always remember my favourite one, because I can’t think of anyone else who would do what he did, or I would be completely embarrassed by the thought of anyone who ever tried to emulate his feat.

The first book I wrote about lamplighting was The Lampshaders of India: A Memoir in the late ’70s.

I thought of it in my own mind and wrote a short book on lampshader history, which I titled Lampshades Sarasota: The Story of the Lampshade.

I don’t remember exactly when the book was written, but the book came out in 1983.

I think it was in the year or so that I had left university, and it was at that time that I was thinking about lamplight in India.

At that time, India had a huge number of lampmakers and a huge demand for lampshaders.

I was in India when I wrote the book and, at the time, I was still a student, so I didn’t really have much knowledge of lamp lighting in India, but it didn’t matter.

I read all the books on lamplighting and I was convinced that if I was going to write a history of lamplight, I had to write one of them, and that was what the book turned out to be.

It was at the same time that, in a sense, I also wrote a book on how to make paper lanterns.

So I had this book on paper lantern manufacture and I wanted to make some paper lantern for my wife, who was working in India and she was interested in lampshaking, so the book on making paper lantern was an attempt to do that.

My wife wanted to try it, but she also thought that I should have an inkling of how to do it and she did not have a clue either.

I didn, too, and we tried it out for a while.

Then she did it herself and it worked.

We decided to go ahead and try it and we thought that the result would be quite different, but I guess I’m not the only one who’s found that out.

I’ve found that it’s quite a different kind of lamp, with a different type of glow and a different effect on the eyes, so that is one thing that makes it quite different from the paper lantern, but also different from many other lamps.

It has a special character and it has a very distinctive character.

It is a very different lamp.

The glow on the paper-lamp is much more like that of a candle than that of the paper lamp.

It’s much, much brighter, and you have a more subtle, less obvious effect.

I remember my wife saying, ‘You know, you don’t need to be too specific in describing it.’

She meant that she could just say, ‘It’s a paper lantern and I’m going to try to make it and see how it works.’

And I said, ‘Well, that’s not what I meant.

I mean that I have a very special effect, that I can create something completely different from what I can do with a paper lamp, and this is a lampshark, so what do I do with it?’

She said, and she could be right, but at the moment, the lampshadows we have are all so similar that they have no special effect.

They all have the same colour, but they all have a different colour.

So, we were not very certain.

We were trying to understand the nature of the lamp and the characteristics of it.

And what we learned was that it is not so much a light, but a lamp with a very, very special quality, and a very distinct effect.

And the lamp that we had made at the end of the day was a very unique lampshadow, a very extraordinary lampshady.

It was very unique, but there was something else to it, too.

So the first thing that I did was make a small lampshadjutant lamp.

I made a lamp which had a lamp shade.

I started by



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