Which presidential candidate would be best suited to repair the world?

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It’s a question that seems impossible to answer for Donald Trump, who is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

But as a general rule, presidents don’t get to pick their own successors.

And as it turns out, Trump is the only one who can do it.

So which presidential candidate could best repair the country?

Let’s look at five of the candidates who have been a thorn in Trump’s side: Donald Trump: In 2020, a presidential candidate needs to win two-thirds of the states that went to the election.

If Trump loses the presidency, he can run as a third-party candidate, or run as an independent candidate.

The last two presidents didn’t do it, so Trump will need a third option if he wants to win again.

He also needs to keep his poll numbers high in order to win a second term.

Hillary Clinton: Clinton won the election, and then a bit later in 2018, when she started the long-running war with President Trump over health care.

So she’s not exactly a novice in foreign policy.

But she doesn’t have much experience in foreign affairs, either.

The last time she ran, she took a hard line on Russia, which led to some criticism that she’s just not a good fit for the role.

Trump: Trump has been the most polarizing candidate in the modern political era, and his views on national security, immigration, and trade have been the subject of intense scrutiny since he took office.

His foreign policy views haven’t been all that far off from those of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

While he has said some fairly controversial things, Trump has also been able to get some things done on a number of issues that he cares about, such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Gary Johnson: Johnson, who has a slightly different foreign policy agenda than Trump, won the popular vote in 2016 and is the most popular politician in the country.

He’s also one of the most outspoken, which makes him a good candidate for handling foreign policy issues.

He’s also seen as someone who has an outsider’s view on the country and foreign affairs.

Bill Weld: The former governor of Massachusetts is not as well known as Trump or Clinton, but he is considered a strong voice on the national security issues and foreign policy, and he has been very active in recent years in Congress and in the White House.

He is also considered one of Trump’s most effective surrogates in the United States, and has worked to promote Trump’s agenda, such by trying to secure an extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

In 2018, he ran as an Independent candidate, but the GOP convention refused to include him in the ticket, and so he had to make do as a Green Party candidate.

But he ran strongly as an Independant candidate and won the White Senate seat that he won in Massachusetts in 2018.

Joe Biden: Biden is the president of the United State, so he’s the person who most needs to get things done, and in this case, he’s going to need the support of Republicans in Congress, which will be hard to get.

There are two main ways to do it: run as the Democratic nominee and as a candidate for the presidency as anIndependent candidate.

Trump is already running as an Democrat, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t run as another Independent candidate as well.

So Trump is going to have to go to Congress and ask Congress to take action, which means he’ll have to win the popular votes of at least 51 percent of the Electoral College.

That would require a Democrat to win at least 50 percent of both the popular and the electoral votes.

But if he wins the popular (and not the electoral) vote, that means he would still need to get 51.5 percent of electoral votes to win.

Trump will have to have 51.4 percent of all of the votes.

This means that the candidate with the most votes in both parties would win the presidency.

And Trump has already secured enough of the 270 electoral votes, which is what he needs to be the president, to be able to win in 2020.

How Trump is faring: As we mentioned earlier, Trump hasn’t run much in foreign relations in the last few years.

But Trump has said that he thinks that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union and that NATO is obsolete.

Trump has not been a big fan of NATO, and the president has said repeatedly that he wants more NATO members to pay their fair share of defense costs.

And then there are the nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump has strongly supported.

Trump, as the president who signed the nuclear agreement, has a responsibility to protect the United Nations and the United Nation



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