What you need to know about Harry Potter’s newest addition, the Cardboard Lampshade

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A simple cardboard lampshaded by the Potter family to reflect a lighter shade of pink.

The Lampshades are a favourite amongst Harry Potter fans and fans of card games and tabletop gaming alike.

They have become something of a collectible item amongst Harry fans who collect all of the books and films.

Cardboard lampstands have also become an increasingly popular item amongst Potter fans who can purchase one for as little as £10,000.

The latest addition to the Harry Potter collection, the cardboard lamp shaded by Harry Potter, is an updated version of the original lampshading which first appeared in the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

The Lampshaded Cardboard is available from the following retailers: The Daily Mail – £14.99, Amazon.co.uk – £17.99 and Amazon.ca – £19.99. 

BBC Sport – £9.99 And the most interesting of all, is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

These are not just a little cardboard lamps, they’re also card boards that are painted over and decorated with the Hogwarts crest. 

It’s an interesting way to honour the school, but the crest is a bit too heavy-handed for me.

I’d love to see something more classy like the Hogwarts coat of arms, which I think is an even more classy way to show your allegiance to the school. 

But the best thing about this lampshader is that it’s made from cardboard and looks exactly like the original.

The lampshaders original design is shown here. 

Here’s how the original design looks: This is an old photo of a lampshadings original design.

The cardboard is still there. 

And here’s the original, with the lampshadoge now gone: Now, here’s what the new version looks like: I can see why this is a good thing for Harry Potter collectors.

The original lamp is so striking, but I can see where people might not like the light coming from it.

The new lampshared with the school’s crest looks like the perfect way to represent the school and its supporters. 

If you want to check out a bit more detail on this lamp, you can see the full design and the lamp in action on the Harry Potters Official Facebook page.



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