How to read a lampshades

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The NHL season is underway, and you know the drill: You watch your favorite team play and you get all excited about the new season.

But what if you were to spend the next two weeks on the bench, or even on the ice for one minute, trying to figure out how to correctly read a light bulb? 

Well, that’s what a team called the Lamps are for.

The Lamps, a group of six kids from the Lighthouse School in Portland, Oregon, set out to learn and play with light bulbs in order to help others understand how to read light bulbs and make better decisions with them.

The goal of the program is to help the kids in need understand the difference between light and heat.

The group was created after one of their members, Emily Lopes, was diagnosed with leukemia and was told she needed to stop chemo treatment.

After several months of chemotherapy, Emily decided to stop chemotherapy, but the Lopes’ were unable to stop her.

They decided to make a difference and started teaching people how to properly read lightbulbs.

Since they began, the Laps have trained over 1,000 students.

The program is being funded by the National Cancer Institute and The Lamp Foundation, a nonprofit foundation founded by Lopes. 

The group’s founder, Kelly Stiles, says the Lamp School is part of a larger program called “Living Lights” to give hope to those who are struggling with cancer.

The Lamp School also has a scholarship program for children diagnosed with cancer and a mentorship program for people with disabilities. 

“If we can change someone’s life for the better, that means a lot to us,” Stiles said. 

In addition to the kids, the Lamps also have a few other volunteers, including a bonding dog named  Nina, a cat named ÂKira, and a cat who is named Mimi. 

One of the Lamp’s biggest goals is to spread the message that it is not okay to take advantage of someone else’s illness. 

They’ve created a website called Living Lights, which has information on the lamps, how to get one, and how to take part in the program. 

It is a fun project, Stiles said, and they hope it helps people understand what it is like to have a disease and how they can help others. 

Lamps have received support from the United States Coast Guard, National Institutes of Health, and The Lighthouse Foundation. 

For more information on Living Lights, visit

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