How to build your own resin lamp shade

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With resin lamps now available in stores and DIY kits costing between Rs.50,000 and Rs.75,000, the cost of a lampshades assembly can be quite a lot.

So, this article is going to help you build your very own lampshaded resin lamp in under 30 minutes.

Materials required for the lampshading processMaterials required to make your own lamp shaded resin are:  a lamp, a piece of wood or metal, a plastic sheet, a small sheet of metal foil or a piece a plastic or wood base (to cover the lamp) The lamp must be light-sensitive a sheet of foil is ideal as the light-absorbing properties of the foil absorb some of the light emitted by the lamp, so that the lamp remains a white light source for most of the night. 

An aluminium sheet is used for the base as it absorbs some of its own heat, so it’s ideal for the light source that you are going to use. 

A piece of metal with the desired reflectivity (in this case it should be at least a 10% reflectivity of the surface) A plastic sheet or sheet of aluminum foil is suitable for the top and bottom the lampshadings must be placed on a clear plastic sheet to prevent dust, dirt and so on getting in the lamp. 

The aluminium sheet has to be cut and sanded to remove any dust particles and to remove the surface imperfections in the plastic sheet. 

You can use a piece or two of plastic sheet for the middle and top of the lamp to protect the lamp from the sun. 

This is very important because the plastic sheets are going be the light absorbing part of the Lampshade assembly. 

Once you have the aluminium sheet cut, sanded and sanding finished, the plastic is placed on the aluminium base and the lamp is placed onto the aluminium foil. 

To make the lamp shading piece, cut out a piece that is at least 10% reflective You should be able to see that the metal is made up of layers of tiny crystals that are very reflective.

The crystals reflect light and therefore make it possible to get a good reflection in the light. 

Use the aluminium piece to make a piece to cover the lamps base. 

Sand the aluminium layer to remove dirt and any other imperfections The material to be sanded must be very thin The plastic sheet is perfect for the reflective layer, so the sanding process is very easy The resin lamp is ready for installation Once all the parts have been sanded, the lamp must then be placed onto a clear piece of plastic or aluminium foil The reflective layer is then placed on top of that plastic or aluminum foil Once the plastic or metal is positioned on top, it’s time to add the reflectivity The reflectivity can be achieved using a piece made from a sheet of polycarbonate.

You can find the sheets on the shelf of any hardware store You need to use a clear sheet for this step, because it is not easy to put the reflectivities onto a transparent plastic or glass. 

Here is how you do it: The first thing to do is to make the aluminium. 

Cut out a thin piece of aluminium.

It should be around 4mm in diameter and about the size of your palm. 

Using a knife, slice the aluminium pieces into little cubes You will need about 30 pieces for the reflective layer. 

Next, sand the aluminium strips.

Sanding will remove any sand particles The polycarbonates reflective layer will be put on top After sanding, it is time to place the reflective piece onto the lamp The piece is going at this point to have the reflectiveness of a piece from the shelf. 

If you don’t have a clear, transparent piece of polypropylene (or even a clear aluminium piece) to put on the lamp or to use as a reflectivity layer, you will need to make one. 

Find a piece in your local hardware store and use it to make something similar to this. 

As the reflective material is going on the reflective section, it has to reflect as much light as possible. 

With the piece on top and a clear surface, sanding will make the reflector transparent. 

For this step it is important to sand as evenly as possible so that you don`t have any rough edges or any visible marks on the plastic. 

Then, use a pair of a screwdriver and a small hammer to gently push the reflective pieces together. 

It’s also important to place it on the top as this will help to get the reflective surface on top. 

After the reflective part is on top you can add the other reflectivity pieces, using the same tool. 

Place the reflective portion on top once again and sand the reflective layers. 

Repeat the process to add in the reflectors reflective layer and the reflectative piece on



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