How to get a lampshades mustache

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In the late 1990s, an online fashion retailer started selling lampshaded men’s hairstyles, including a mustache with an unruly fringe.

The store’s owner, Scott Kress, made a point to post pictures of his mustache on Instagram, and it became a viral hit.

Over the next several years, the brand became a big hit, with Instagram users tweeting pictures of themselves sporting the distinctive facial hair.

In 2016, Kress and his partner, Robyn Stemmer, created a second product, the mustache-shaped mustache.

The mustache is a product of the same company as the first, but Kress created the product with a different goal in mind.

He wanted his mustache to be a social media sensation.

“It’s an extension of what we do as fashion designers, and that’s to connect with our fans and engage with them,” Kress said.

The company launched in late 2018, and within a year, Instagram was sharing more than 10 million pictures of the mustache, which now sells for $49.99.

Kress plans to continue making the product and posting videos of people wearing it on his Instagram channel.

“I love it,” he said.

“We’ve been doing this for about eight years.

I’m happy for it.”

The company is also trying to get its own product onto the market, as well.

This fall, Kess launched his own beard-shaped product, which he said will be a “more premium” version of the first.

The facial hair is not available in stores yet, but the company said it is planning to start selling it on Instagram by early December.

Kess said he has been working on the beard product for about a year now, and he has created a website and social media platform to help people learn about it.

“Instagram is a very big platform, and they’re not just interested in your Instagram photos,” Kess explained.

“They’re looking at your beard, your mustache, your facial hair.”

Kress has also started a Twitter account to communicate with his fans.

“Our Instagram is really about our relationship with our community, with the product, and with our product,” he added.



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