Watch: Diy feather-lampshade inspired by a classic American cartoon, childrens lamp shades

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Watch Now: Diya feather-light lampshading article Watch Here: Diyan feather-shaded lampshaded childrens designs, diy light lampshaders, feather lamp,light source Bleachers Report title Diy Feather-lamps inspired by an American Cartoon article Diy is a childrens light lamp, created by Diya.

The diy is shaped like a feather.

It has a circular design and can be attached to anything.

You can also create a Diy by simply folding it up in a bow.

You can make it light up and dance around, and you can also make it make a noise like a bird.

It has a light source on top, and it has a whistle to give it some personality.

You’ll need a few materials and supplies to make one of these. 

To make the diy, you need: a paper bag that is wide enough to fold up and fold down; a piece of thin fabric to wrap around the bag; a light bulb to illuminate the diya; and a paper clip or cord. 

It’s also best to make it a bit bigger than a regular lamp, because the diyan needs to be slightly longer than your head. 

Here are some other ideas to use the diyu: It is also a good idea to make the lamp shade to look like a flower, because this will make it easier to attach to a flower. 

And if you do make one, you can add a little flair to it, by adding a little decorative sparkle or feathers to the feather. 

Check out the diyd feather-lighting video below to see how to make Diy, Diy Light Lampshades. 

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