How to fix rainbow lampshades

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How to make a rainbow lamp shade. 

The original Rainbow Lampshade was created by artist John L. Parker.

I love the fact that it looks like a rainbow.

The original lampshaded by Parker, left, and artist John Lee Miller.

The original lamp, left and right, the one from the ’90s, are both from the original Parker collection.

How to make your own Rainbow Lamp Shading.

If you are looking for a lamp shade that will last forever, this is a great one.

It is very easy to make. 

This is a rainbow-colored lampshading.

It has a nice look to it.

You can buy the Rainbow Lamp Shade, left.

A rainbow lamp, right. 

A rainbow bulb is the most popular type of lampshadings and can be found on most of the shelves at home improvement stores.

The colors are a bright orange, purple, and blue.

The lamp is meant to be used outdoors or indoors. 

The Rainbow Lamp shade is a lampshader made of cotton or silk, and it comes in three different shades, black, pink, and yellow. 

Here is how to make the Rainbow Lamps shade.

This is how you make a Rainbow Lamp.

What you need to do to make it:1.

Wash and dry your lampshaders.2.

Cut a piece of paper into two sections, one for the lampshADead, and one for a tube for the shade.3.

Measure the height of the lamp, so you know how much to make for your lamp. 


Use a pencil to mark where the lamp would go if it were to be put on.5.

Fold the paper back and forth until you have about one inch of the tube in each section. 


Put it in the tube, fold the tube back and out, and put it back in the lamp.7.

Put the lamp back on and watch it turn on and off.8.

It will not shine.



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