‘Worse than an elephant’: Man found dead after getting into bathroom stall with bathroom lamp shade

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Argos, the luxury furniture chain, is recalling about 10 million lampshades in North America because they have been used in bathroom fixtures without a protective cap.

The problem affects 1.3 million of the lamps, which are sold in North and Central America, Asia and Europe.

Argos said in a statement the product was shipped to customers at warehouses in New Jersey, Florida and Canada and was shipped with a protective packaging and labeling sheet.

The company will replace the lampshaded units with a lampshading cap that is safe to use.

The recall affects Argos’s existing lamps as well as the new lampshaders, Argos Chief Financial Officer Tom Kline said.

Argus has been in a tough spot because it sells lamps in many countries, including Mexico, Canada, and Mexico City, Mexico.

But Argos has faced an avalanche of bad press recently, including a report that it had made a $4.5 million bet with Wal-Mart that the company would not sell its business if it failed to grow at the rate it had promised in recent years.

Argons parent, British-based Bausch &ampz, has been under intense scrutiny by U.S. regulators for the sale of defective products and the company has been sued by Wal-mart and other retailers over its practices.

The Justice Department, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Securities and Exchange Commission filed lawsuits against Argos last month over the deal.

Wal- Mart has denied wrongdoing.

In a statement, Argus said the recall was a product recall.

The Argos lampshadings were sold to customers in North American markets through a partnership with Walmart.

Argots parent, Bausp&ampz Group, also said it was taking steps to improve its internal processes and to implement additional safety measures.



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