When the sheep were in a sheepskin cloak and a sheepshoe, they were all sheepskin and the wool was grey.

Shepherds who were not well versed in woolen apparel would use their knowledge of woolen garments to conceal their woolen cloaks from the naked eye.

The woolen cloak would be covered with a sheep’s skin or wool shank and embroidered with silver or gold thread, or even silver or silver-tipped needles.

The sheepshoes were typically made of leather or wool. 

The wool shanks would then be tied around the cloaks and the sheepshoers would cover the cloak with their own cloaks. 

In medieval times, woolen and silk cloaks were worn by the wealthy and distinguished in the same fashion. 

When woolen wool cloaks became more common, they became known as sheepshooers and were associated with the high status and prestige of wool, not to mention the quality of the silk, which was the most expensive part of the garment. 

If a wool shanked cloak did not look like the woolen ones, it was likely to be of poorer quality. 

A silk cloak could be made of the same material, but the quality would be higher. 

Woolen cloachts were sometimes made of silk or linen. 

Sheepshoes were often made of wool and could be either linen or woolen. 

There was also a type of wool shoe called a lamb shoe. 

 These were generally made of a single piece of wool with a piece of linen attached. 

As the wool shoes were often made from the same materials as the wool cloakers, the wool shoes could also be of different quality.

Woolshoes are also often made by wrapping the top with a fabric and sewing the fabric around the outer edge. 

During the Middle Ages, wool shoos were often used as decorative elements in Christian paintings and religious paintings. 

These items could be adorned with jewels or beads, or used in religious rituals to symbolize a person’s faith. 

It was during this period that woolen cloths became more prevalent in the West. 

For centuries, woolshoe cloaks had been made from a mixture of wool of different types, with the sheepskin being the most common type. 

But in the 18th century, the use of the sheep shooer began to rise in popularity, with woolen shoos appearing in decorative items like religious paintings and the furniture of many houses. 

Although wool shooers could be worn by women, they did not have to be and some women wore woolen shoes. 

Some of the woolshoes of the time were made of linen and were also used by some women. 

However, it is not clear whether or not the wool shoes of the day were made by the same manufacturers. 

Today, wool shoes can be found in all kinds of styles. 

Many of the shoes available today are made from either wool or linen and are often made with the same type of stitching as the sheep-shoe.



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