How the Royal Lampshades Will Make You Smarter

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By now, you’re probably aware that the Royal Lamps will be on sale for $150 on December 6th, 2017.

And while the Royal’s iconic lampshading is still in demand, it looks like the company’s going to be working on a smarter, more efficient version of its most iconic design.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at a lampshaded version of the Royal which will be available for a mere $150.

The lampshaders come in three shades, ranging from blue to pink, and are designed to give you a better understanding of the world around you.

In fact, the Royals lampshader is a little more efficient than the standard ones.

It looks like a lamp with an extra LED, which the company claims to be brighter than the average lampshadow.

It will run at around 1,000 lux for 30 minutes before shutting off.

However, because it has no battery, you won’t be using the lamp as a battery-operated light bulb.

Instead, it’ll be powered by a micro-USB port.

In order to use the lampshadings, you’ll need a compatible smartwatch, like the Samsung Gear S3.

We have yet to see any of the new Royal Lamp shaders on sale yet, but the company has already released a few videos detailing their work.

The first one shows off the Royal lamps basic functionality, while another one shows how the shaders are supposed to work.

The new lampshademasters look pretty cool, but it’s important to note that they’ll be available only for a limited time.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Royal can live up to the hype and get its lampshadows on sale as soon as possible.



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