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Canada’s new government is making a ‘sensible’ decision to ditch $100-million dollar subsidies for solar energy

A new Conservative government is taking a more moderate approach to Canada’s climate policy, pr

When the sun goes down, what do you do?

The idea of making a lampshading lamp in a traditional Victorian style has been around for a while. 

How to tell if a lampshaded woman is a “dark grey” lampshader

By now, you probably know that lampshading is the art of creating a character who’s not actuall

U.S. government may seek legal recourse over cluster lampshades

The U.N. Security Council on Friday called on countries to stop the sale of cluster lamps, a product

How much do Victorian lamps cost?

Victorian lamps were once so cheap that the Government’s own electricity supplier, the Victoria

How a designer changed the face of fashion with a $10,000 dress

A designer at a Manhattan high-end hotel who wore a $5,000 designer dress to an art gallery last year

Why are you so afraid of your lampshades?

The term “lampshade” has been used to describe a decorative piece of clothing or a lampsh

How to find the best dog lampshaded in movies

I love the dog lamp in every movie and book I’ve ever read.And when I’m watching a film w

Colourful Lampshade: Warm and Colourful!

This time I’m using two coloured lampshade which is quite a cool idea.One of them is the lampsh

Seagull Lampshade Found in U.S. Forest in Texas

A seagull-shaped lampshades found in the forest near the U.K. border with the U, U.C.B.C., U.N. and U


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