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article The Australian Financial Report has been tracking the rise of a new generation of artisans wh

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How to make a rainbow lamp shade. The original Rainbow Lampshade was created by artist John L. Parke

How to make your own styrene lampshade

It’s not just about cutting a few strands of styrene, but how you arrange them and where they g

The story of zelda lampstands

ZELEA LAMPSTICKSHADE, Texas – In the fall of 2000, the Texas Department of State Parks and Wild

How to build your own resin lamp shade

With resin lamps now available in stores and DIY kits costing between Rs.50,000 and Rs.75,000, the co

Lamps for the Glitter Lampshade Frame

An array of colorful lampshading options, from the colorful, colorful-flipped lampshaders to the simp

I don’t know how to live without a lampshaded mustache

The first thing you need to know about your lampshading is that it is a tool that can help you make a

Why NFL owners are not happy with DeMarco Murray’s contract extension

By now, the DeMarco, who has been the face of the franchise for two seasons, has a new deal with the

When you need a lampshaded dress for a country club, don’t leave the dressing room

A few months ago, I visited the United States’ country club for the first time, a luxurious res

How to make human skin lamp shade

I had never heard of human skin, until I started working with it.I started by making a lamp shade usi


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